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Is the price of dental implants covered by insurance in L.A.?2023-03-15T11:32:52-08:00

Dental procedures may be covered by your health insurance plan, but the specifics depend on your policy.  If you want to get dental implants, apply for an L.A. Dental Grant to see if you are eligible.



How can I overcome my fear of the dentist?2023-02-23T11:59:40-08:00

Be proactive. Frequent cleanings, exams and x-rays can help prevent dental disease and help the dentist identify any issues early on, preventing more invasive treatments in the future.


Does brushing my teeth guarantee good health?2023-02-23T12:04:37-08:00

While good oral care does not guarantee perfect health, it can definitely help prevent illness. Take your oral health seriously and be proactive.


How much do dental implants cost in L.A.?2023-03-15T11:36:31-08:00

The overall cost of dental implants and other cosmetic dental procedures will vary based on the complexity of the procedure and on whether a qualified candidate has been awarded an L.A. Dental Grant. Apply now to see if you qualify!



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